Strongholds introduces the largest playable map released for Neverwinter, which sees adventurers banding together to take back a stronghold from the wild.

The initial launch will focus on player-versus-environment gameplay in order to allow guilds the opportunity to build their strongholds before taking the fight to other players when large scale player-versus-player content launches in September.

Reminiscent of early Dungeons & Dragons gameplay, Neverwinter: Strongholds empowers guilds to reclaim a keep and its surrounding wilderness areas from monsters. As the lands are cleared, guilds will need to decide how to properly run their stronghold and which of the many paths it can take to fit the guild’s needs. Perhaps your guild wants to focus on strengthening its members with boons and gear? Or preparing for the eventual launch of PvP? Or perhaps even increasing the rate at which your stronghold grows? No matter the decision, it’s your stronghold, your way.

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