Minsc and Boo are back, along with their new companion, Delina! Check out this preview of Legends of Baldur's Gate #2, and then head over to IDW to pick up the full issue!

Welcome to Baldur’s Gate—a place of history and home to legends. Download a special preview of Legends of Baldur’s Gate #2, the all-new Dungeons & Dragons Tyranny of Dragons comic book series from IDW Publishing and Wizards of the Coast.

The Story So Far

In the legendary city of Baldur’s Gate, a young moon elf (and wild mage) named Delina is pursued by stone gargoyles. Casting a spell to fight these monsters, Delina inadvertently brings to life the statue of the Beloved Ranger—Minsc and his hamster, Boo, are back! Unfortunately, the Watch thinks Delina and Minsc are responsible for the deaths the now-smashed gargoyles caused... Running out of escape paths, the group is confronted by two mysterious strangers—thieves!

The full-color, full-length, full-adventure comic book series is available now in print and digital formats.


Writer: Jim Zub
Artist: Max Dunbar
Cover Artist: Sarah Stone
Colorist: John-Paul Bove & Joana Lafuente
Letterer: Neil Uyetake
Editor: John Barber

We open our short taste of this tale in the midst of action...

Legends of Baldur's Gate #2 Preview