Announcing a new program as part of the Dungeon Masters Guild.

When D&D launched the Dungeon Masters Guild back in January 2016, I had no idea that it would take off like an angry dragon whose prize treasure has just been pilfered by a pesky halfling rogue with little-to-no experience and a magic ring. There I was though, watching that dragon fly through the air rampaging the land below him with dragon fire, and asking myself, “How, in the name of Elminster, am I going to get a handle on that thing and possibly direct it?”

(Yes… that’s right… I just mixed the Forgotten Realms with Lord of the Rings. Get over it!)

As we talked about on Dragon Talk back in January 2016, the goal of the guild is to create a platform for fans of Dungeons & Dragons to form a creative community, and it most certainly achieved that after a fashion. With contributors in the thousands and downloads in the hundreds of thousands, the links between fan creators and fan consumers were growing strong. As the architect of the Dungeon Masters Guild, I was (and still am) flabbergasted.

One thing we noticed after watching the platform for a while was that our fan creators weren’t necessarily talking to each other. For the most part, each fan creator has worked in a silo of their own creation, making contributions to the guild as solo artists, and while they have been coming up with some fantastic products, we know from our experience on the D&D team that the best D&D products are collaborative efforts.

On the Dungeon Masters Guild right now, there is a smorgasbord of delightful designs to sample, and at very reasonable pricing I might add. There are so many adventures and monsters and other awesome stuff up there, in fact, that we’ve gotten feedback from fans that it is sometimes hard to know where to look on the DMs Guild to find exemplars of design.

Say no more! In the interest of shining a spotlight on a handful of talented creators as well as start forming the creative community of collaborative co-designers I’ve always dreamed of, I bring you the GUILD ADEPT program.

Over the next few months, we’re going to highlight the creative activities of a select few game designers on the Dungeon Masters Guild through the Guild Adept program. We have chosen 10 extremely talented individuals and, not unlike lion robot vehicles, formed them into a singular formidable entity of creative D&D development. We’ve given them early access to the upcoming adventure from D&D, Tomb of Annihilation, and have challenged them to create kickass adventures and rules options to accompany the launch of that product.

On September 8th, when this incredible adventure filled with dread delights becomes available at your local core hobby retailer, the first round of sheer AWESOMENESS from our GUILD ADEPTS will also become available for purchase and download on the Dungeon Masters Guild. When they do, you will know them by this new, gold Dungeon Masters Guild icon.

That’s right! In the parlance of our digital gaming brethren, we’ll have FIRST DAY DLC. I don’t know about you, but I’m totally amped! I mean there seriously aren’t enough exclamation points in the world to allow me to express this!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not enough!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Without further ado, our first batch of GUILD ADEPTS are…

Lysa Chen… Will Doyle… Claire Hoffman… James Introcaso… Rich Lescouflair…

Shawn Merwin… Cindy Moore… Satine Phoenix… Ruty Rutenberg… Monica Valentinelli

We’ll spotlight each of these creators on the website, the Dragon Talk podcast and on our Twitch channel as time goes on, so you can look forward to learning more about them and the work they’re doing as part of being a GUILD ADEPT. In fact, a few of them are already streaming…

The next exciting thing I must say is that we’re going to engage the GUILD ADEPT program for each of our published products, and each time we’re going to give some number of designers, that have been both active and successful in the Dungeon Masters Guild, the opportunity to participate. It won’t always be the same group, and the group won’t always be the same number of folks, but it will be fun and exciting to see what wonders they create.

If you want to get involved, there is no time like the present. While there is no sure-fire recipe for becoming a GUILD ADEPT, the best way to get our attention is to A) play in our sandbox and explore creative expansion to storylines that D&D is releasing; and B) make some good money doing it. It isn’t always about sales, but I would encourage you to put a price tag greater than FREE or PAY WHAT YOU WANT on your work. This really helps us to determine if your fellow D&D enthusiasts are willing to pay cash-money for your stuff. I look forward to seeing what everyone comes up with next. Let the creating begin!

—Chris Lindsay, Dungeon Masters Guild Architect and Guildmaster