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This adventure is largely run as is, with the following additional guidance:

  • Repeating Crossbow. The adventure contains a repeating crossbow, but it isn’t listed under a treasure subheading. As such, the item can’t be kept by your players, nor can they apply one of the various runes to it in. The item disappears at the end of the session or adventure—whichever happens first.
  • The Mercenaries. These NPCs shouldn’t earn a share of the XP for the adventure.

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Encounters in the Jungles of Chult

These encounters can be dropped in during play of any Season 7 hardcover adventure (including other Guild Adept products), as described in their introductory paragraph:

  • Chwinga Challenge. The chwinga don’t use their Magical Gift ability.
  • Jungle Chase. On a roll of 4 on the Chult Jungle Chase Complications table, only one character may attempt to persuade the chwinga to use its Magical Gift ability; the chwinga scampers off after the attempt—regardless of whether or not it’s successful.
  • Pyramid of the Moon. Any character that becomes a wandering spirit is removed from play.
  • The Weeping Grove. In lieu of a tree spirit weapon, the characters are gifted with a single +2 weapon (club, greatclub, quarterstaff, or maul) by the wilden. Whomever claims the item may choose its form, but once chosen, it can’t be changed.
  • We Delved Too Deep. Removing the slaad’s control gem destroys the creature, who returns to Limbo.

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The Risen Mists

This adventure is set in storyline season 7: Tomb of Annihilation, but smacks of storyline season 4: Curse of Strahd. The following guidance applies:

  • Once passing through the mists, the characters gain the story award Trapped by the Mists. This story award is removed once Fotari is defeated. So long as a character possesses this story award, they are unable to leave the dread domain. This story award precludes them from being able to play in any other adventure, as such, the players should be made aware of this restriction before play.
  • The characters receive the rewards provided by Mesika despite their not being under a treasure subheading.

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Xanathar's Lost Notes to Everything Else

Continuing our trend of focusing our use of the Guild Adept Program as a means of expanding play opportunities, the only portion of this product that is being incorporated into Adventurers League play is Part 3: All Eyes on Chult and Appendix A: New Monsters, with the following guidance:

Part 3: All Eyes on Chult

The following guidance applies to this adventure:

The use of milestones isn’t permitted for use in this adventure.

  • Creatures with variant familiar rules follow the normal rules for obtaining non-standard familiars. That is, without specific campaign, they can’t be chosen.
  • The spellbook found in the Kitchen contains the 1st-level spells found in the apprentice wizard’s stat block.
  • The characters receive the rewards provided by Zindar are considered to be under a treasure subheading for the purposes of determining whether or not Jobal and Zindar despite their not being under a treasure subheading.

Appendix A: New Monsters

  • Gen aren’t available as familiars without specific campaign documentation.

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