Wizards of the Coast announces its 4th Extra Life event, its crew, and how you can join the fun for charity!

We are pleased to announce that we’ll be participating in our fourth annual Extra Life livestreamed D&D event on September 16th! We’re joined by Magic: The Gathering as well as many other gamers as we celebrate the second annual Extra Life’s Tabletop Appreciation Weekend, playing games to benefit Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals.


The D&D community has collectively raised over $200,000 for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals over the past 3 Extra Life events. Wait a moment and let that sink in. The money we collect goes directly to the hospitals that are giving the kids in our community the care and support they need as they deal with some really scary illnesses. These heroes are fighting against scarier stuff than a beholder or a red dragon, and the least we can do is take up a shortsword and fight alongside them during this event! This year, we’re looking to raise an additional $50,000 for this great cause. Care to roll some dice with us?


The 24-hour marathon starts at 8am PST on Friday, September 16th, and will feature 6 in-house teams throughout the weekend. Each four-hour game will be livestreamed on the D&D Twitch Channel, and will focus on one of the giant races featured in the newest storyline, Storm King’s Thunder, using the 5th edition D&D rules set. The game will conclude at 8am PST on Saturday, September 17th.

Donors can contribute to Dungeon Masters and players alike to grant them benefits before and during the game. Not only can donors change gameplay, but they can also win D&D swag and exclusive content! Prizes may include rare miniatures, signed TRPG books, and D&D-themed swag. Below is a play calendar, a full list of participating members, and some of their Extra Life pages.

Visit the Dungeons & Dragons Extra Life page for more information on the event, how to contribute, and what you can do to participate!


Dungeon Master





Fri 8AM-12PM

Chris Lindsay

Krupal Desai

David McDarby

Jaden Wolvezzz

Gavin Verhey

Fri 12PM-4PM

Sarah Keortge

Jordan Comar


Christopher D’Andrea

Boyan Radakovich

Fri 4PM-8PM

Andy Munich

Andrew Shultz

Shubz Blalack

Demitrios Feredinos

Greg Tito

Fri 8PM-12AM

Lauren Bond

Thomas Ourada

Kristen Jensen

Erik de Bie

Mike Selinker

Sat 12AM-4AM

Greg Bilsland

Emi Tanji

Kate Irwin

Shawn Wood

Taymoor Rehman

Sat 4AM-8AM

Joe Louie

Derek Guder

Bill Benham

Chloe Monroe

Teos Abadia

Hosts: Tara Theoharis and Alexander Theoharis.

Behind the Scenes: Chris Dupuis, Kristine Hassall, Sean Mayovsky, Meris Mullaley, Kristi Riggin, Alfreda Smith and Trevor Kidd. 


It’s never too early to support the cause. You can visit the D&D team page to donate to any of our members. A few folks have already started raising money and we’re over 10% toward our goal!

You can also show your support by adding the D&D Twibbon to your Twitter or Facebook profile. Also, check out our Extra Life Media Kit.


Come join our Extra Life team and help us reach our goal! Join a D&D group, or try out a digital game- either newer titles such as Sword Coast Legends or Neverwinter (both of which are now on Xbox One and PS4), or classics like Baldur’s Gate II and Icewind Dale on PC. Alternatively, join some friends and play D&D board games like Dungeon!, Lords of Waterdeep, or Temple of Elemental Evil.

To participate, follow these steps:

  • Join Extra Life and set a personal goal.
  • When creating your Extra Life account, choose “Join a Team” and select “Dungeons & Dragons.”
  • Complete the remaining steps for creating an account.
  • Customize your page. For tips on customizing your page to help generate donations, download this toolkit.
  • Decide what you want to play and when you want to play it, then spread the word to potential donors!


Want to organize your own group? After you’ve joined the D&D team, take the following additional steps:

  • Reach out to other D&D players in your community (including online). Walk them through the sign-up steps and have them download the toolkit.
  • Customize your page and share it with your players. Encourage them to customize their own pages.
  • Find a place to play. Talk to your local game store, or find a space where no one’s going to mind if you’re gaming for long hours.
  • Create a schedule. Players don’t need to play for the entire 24 hours. Having a rotating cast of players keeps things exciting and organized.
  • Join the Extra Life Tabletop Event on Facebook to promote your event to others and share your success!


You’ll have to tune-in to the event on September 16th as we’ll have new items available for various donation amounts at the top of each hour. To the lead up to the event, your donations to players and DMs will unlock parts of Storm King’s Thunder, releasing September 6th, as part of our fundraising efforts. Below you’ll find a chart of what we’ll preview based on total money our team raises. Look, you’ve already unlocked the first one! 


d100 table for Items in a Giant’s Bag- “In addition to treasure, giants often possess mundane items that they carry around in leather sacks or store in old chests. Items that are not giant-sized are sized for Small or Medium characters.”


Appendix A: Linked Adventures- “Wizards of the Coast has published other D&D adventures that can serve as springboards for Storm King’s Thunder, not only getting characters to 5th level but also directing the characters toward one of the three locations described in chapter 2.”


Appendix D: Special NPCs- This preview focusses on some of the NPCs that are referenced in Storm King’s Thunder, but can be utilized in any adventure. These stat blocks include an image, as well as roleplaying information.


Random Wilderness Encounters Preview- Characters exploring the North are likely to encounter wandering monsters. This new Random Encounters section will help create unique encounters to challenge your players.


New Giant Options- You can customize any of the giants beyond what’s presented in the Monster Manual. This section gives new options for all six kinds of giants.


Full, updated, high-res, labeled map of the North, from the Trackless Sea to Anauroch and the Spine of the World to the High Moor.

$40,000 & Beyond

Art from November’s Volo’s Guide to Monsters.


Check out the Extra Life FAQ or contact @gameguruchris on Twitter.