The D&D Adventurers League is a great way for players and Dungeon Masters to find new people to play with while interacting with the ongoing storylines published in adventure books released by the D&D team. If you are new to the Adventurers League and would like to know more, check out That page has everything you need to know to get started! And now, on to the news shared in a epistolary form by none other than Chris Lindsay.

Eberron has been near and dear to my heart since its initial release in 2004. I love everything about Eberron. Pulp… Noir… the lightning rail… dinosaur-riding halflings… scorpion-riding drow… Dragonmarks… undead legions… and the list goes on and on.

I remember my first campaign in that setting. In that game, the party went everywhere they could possibly explore, but the beating heart of that game was always Sharn. My oldest son Alex played a goblin cleric named Koramaha. Oddly enough he was the ‘talker’ in that group.

They got to about 15th level. I’ll never forget the day Koramaha ventured into the Cogs, looked around at the goblinoids amassed there and asked, “Who’s in charge!” When a brawny-looking bugbear stood up and announced his ascendency to the wily goblin cleric, Koramaha looked him dead in the eye and cast flame strike, obliterating the unsuspecting ‘monarch.’ Thus, Koramaha arose to power and simultaneously ended that campaign as the rest of the party was trampled to death by 10,000 panicking goblinoids.

I was sad when it ended, though we moved on to other campaigns not long after. Ever since then I’ve been looking for an opportunity to revisit Eberron once more.

Since the release of fifth edition in 2014, the D&D Adventurer’s League has released adventures and support for 7 seasons (soon to be 8) in the Forgotten Realms “campaign.” Now, we are interested in adding a new campaign to the roster…


I’m very pleased to announce that shortly after we begin D&D Adventurers League season 8 featuring Waterdeep: Dragon Heist (and I’m totally STOKED about that campaign as well), we will begin a whole new exploratory campaign featuring Eberron. The foundation for this campaign will be the Wayfinder’s Guide to Eberron. You might ask, “What do I mean by exploratory?” As you can see with the publication of the Wayfinder’s Guide in the Dungeon Master’s Guild, Eberron is a work in progress once more. Rather than fine-tuning this wondrous campaign in a vacuum, we decided to put it out there for you to play with and tell us what YOU want out of Eberron. Think of it like everything else in fifth edition D&D. We want the fans to be able to provide us with feedback to help shape Eberron and the Adventurer’s League campaign that shall accompany it.

In the coming weeks, you can look forward to additional details as the admins and I ramp up our efforts to include the release of not ONE, but TWO brilliant D&D Adventurers League campaigns this Fall. So, buckle on your armor and prepare your spells, and don’t let me catch you sneaking around the Cogs.


Good Gaming!

Chris Lindsay

Master Raconteur & Guildmaster