Battle for the fate of the planes! DDO launches an all new update, concluding the on-going saga of the war against the Devil forces. Help tip the balance in the struggle for control over an artifact of terrible power – the Codex of Infinite Planes.

To take on the invading devil armies, this update raises the level cap to 30! Choose from brand new feats and epic destiny feats for your characters. The invasion has brought with it plunder - treasure chests just got even more exciting, with better and more powerful randomized loot for you to find at every level of the game!

Get ready to take on new Legendary quest content, as well as Legendary versions of three classic DDO raids – including The Shroud, the Hound of Xoriat, as well as Tempest Spine! Also features the debut of Legendary Greensteel, powerful customized relics to help you take on the forces of the Devil armies and any other monster that crosses your path.

DDO is free to play and download, so help turn the tides of war and play today!