Another month brings another D&D feedback survey.

With another month behind us, it’s time for another D&D survey. First of all, thanks to everyone who takes the time to fill these out. The feedback loop we’ve established is hugely important to keep the game healthy. There are many ways you can spend your time, and devoting a few minutes each month to providing feedback goes a long way. So, thanks for helping out!

Last time, we asked you some basic questions about how often you play D&D, the life cycle of your campaigns, what you thought of the character races in comparison to each other, and if you enjoyed the Adventurers League content we’ve produced.

Let’s talk a bit about the nature of the typical D&D fifth edition campaign. According to survey results, the typical campaign meets once per week and has been running since the game’s release. It takes place in the Forgotten Realms. If the game ends, it will be because scheduling becomes too difficult. Luckily, within a month people involved in a game that ended have already launched a new one.

Most of you are still playing in the 1st to 6th level range. You pine for a game that runs all the way to 20th level, but agree that your most likely end point is around levels 10 to 12. You’ve been happy with the adventures we’ve published so far, but seem to have a preference more open-ended, sandbox style adventures.

Regarding races, we saw a definite trend that the smaller races (halflings, gnomes) are seen as the weakest options by the community. It’s dangerous for us to delve into why that is at this point, but it is an overall trend that we will examine in the future. As we’ve noted in the past, when it comes to any potential changes to the game we’ll take a slow, considered approach. The first step will be to develop a clearer understanding of why trends emerge, the root causes behind them, and if they need any sort of mechanical option to address them.

Overall, as a group you’re quite happy with the Adventurers League. The Adventurers League staff has done a great job in producing adventures that people have been happy to play and run. The adventures designed specifically for the Adventurers League mostly scored higher than the adaptation of the Tyranny of Dragons adventures for D&D Encounters. There is definitely a tension between creating an adventure that covers levels 1 to 15 and is meant for weekly, home play, versus the more episodic approach taken with the rest of the Adventurers League content. It’s a topic we’ve talked about and brainstormed some ways in which we can improve on an already strong program.

Once more, thanks for providing your input and helping guide the future of a game we all play and love.

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