Extra Life Tabletop Appreciation Weekend is upon us! Check out the previews below of Storm King’s Thunder and tune in to the livestream this weekend, starting 8 AM Pacific on Friday, September 16th.

This weekend is Extra Life Tabletop Appreciation Weekend. The D&D team will be playing 24 hours of Dungeons & Dragons to help raise money for treating kids at Children’s Miracle Network hospitals. Afterwards, hang around as the Magic: The Gathering team embarks on their own 24 hours for the kids.

Stream Start: 8 AM PST, Friday September 16

Stream End: 8 AM PST, Saturday September 17

Bonus Stream: Starting at 8 AM PST on Saturday, check out the Magic stream for 24 more hours of fun!

Find a detailed schedule of participants here.


We’ll be giving away different items to donors every hour during the stream, so tune in throughout the program to see what’s available.

As the team raises more money, they’ll unlock more previews of Storm King’s Thunder and Volo’s Guide to Monsters. Keep up with their progress on the D&D Extra Life team page.


d100 table for Items in a Giant’s Bag- “In addition to treasure, giants often possess mundane items that they carry around in leather sacks or store in old chests. Items that are not giant-sized are sized for Small or Medium characters.”


Appendix A: Linked Adventures- “Wizards of the Coast has published other D&D adventures that can serve as springboards for Storm King’s Thunder, not only getting characters to 5th level but also directing the characters toward one of the three locations described in chapter 2.”


Appendix D: Special NPCs- This preview focusses on some of the NPCs that are referenced in Storm King’s Thunder, but can be utilized in any adventure. These stat blocks include an image, as well as roleplaying information.


Random Wilderness Encounters Preview- Characters exploring the North are likely to encounter wandering monsters. This new Random Encounters section will help create unique encounters to challenge your players.


New Giant Options- You can customize any of the giants beyond what’s presented in the Monster Manual. This section gives new options for all six kinds of giants.


Full, updated, high-res, labeled map of the North, from the Trackless Sea to Anauroch and the Spine of the World to the High Moor.

$40,000 & Beyond

Art from November’s Volo’s Guide to Monsters.



Contact @gameguruchris on Twitter for questions about the D&D Extra Life event.