Extra Life is a charity organization that we've been happy to be involved with since 2013, with the express purpose of driving donations to the Children's Miracle Network Hospitals. Last year, the D&D team added several projects to the DMs Guild in support of Extra Life, including the Lost Laboratory of Kwalish adventure.

Now for 2019, we’re working on a new adventure—and we’d love your help!


In prior community polls, we’ve asked for your thoughts on elemental trinkets, things carried in a giant’s bag, and unusual lich phylacteries. This time, we’re asking for strange properties of artifacts. The Dungeon Master's Guide provides general guidelines (pgs. 219-221), but we're looking for your even stranger, compelling, and/or more specific properties!

Whether major, minor, or just unusual—what strange properties might an artifact possess? Please tell us in approximately 150 words or less!

Note: We’ll be collecting answers until July 31st. You can also review our Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions.

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As always, we’d encourage you to consider any of the material currently available on the DMs Guild. Proceeds for the following continue to go towards Extra Life:

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