Can your intrepid adventurers unearth the deception?

Last we saw our heroes they had been led to the site of some unmarked graves. Creatures garbed in Earth Cultist attire and adorned with features were exhumed, having wounds that would indicate they died in combat. In the distance our adventurers could see winged creatures circling Feathergale Spire.

Now our intrepid adventurers venture off in search of the mysterious mounted riders to get answers as they try to unearth the deception.

Join us live with Dungeon Master Chris Lindsay as he leads players Kate Irwin, Emi Tanji, Ben Petrisor, Travis Woodall and William Straley through Princes of the Apocalypse, episode 3.

Thursday, April 23, 3:00 PM PST

Please Note: For the livestream game, please visit the D&D Twitch page directly to watch! For desktop viewers, you may also simply play the embedded stream below: