Last month, we asked you about the sorts of products you’d like to see us produce, along with seeking feedback for our GenCon events.

In terms of product, setting books and monster books proved the most popular. We were also happy to see that many of you had played in our published campaign worlds or wanted to try them out. We also saw plenty of support for new character options, with a consensus that most players are happy with our current pace of “slow but steady.”

The Latest Survey

For this month’s survey, we have a set of questions about the playtest ranger revision we released a couple of months back. As you probably know if you follow our survey results, the ranger has been graded as the least satisfying class in the game by many players. Over the next year or so, you can expect us to try a number of different takes on the ranger, as we try to push the boundaries of the class, assess its place in the game, and respond to your expectations for it. Though the questions in this survey do ask about the specifics of the last playtest, we’re also looking for your overall thoughts about the design direction for the class and the key traits that make a ranger unique.

As always, thanks for your feedback and the assistance it provides in making D&D better!