This month’s survey delves into the revised ranger that we presented in our latest installment of Unearthed Arcana.

Now that the class has been in your hands for about a month, it’s time to reflect on your experiences with the ranger in play and your reactions to the class’s new features.

The results of this new survey will be used to help us determine our next steps with the class. We don’t consider anything satisfactory until it achieves very high ratings, and having the approval even of a simple majority of players isn’t enough for us to move forward with something.

If the class does have high ratings, we’ll dive into the feedback to determine what changes we still need to make to hit the level of quality we’re ultimately aiming for. We’ll then implement fixes as needed before finalizing how to add the revised ranger to the game, with an eye toward creating as little disruption as possible.

Thanks for taking part in the feedback process, and for helping us make D&D the best game it can be!

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