Latest news surrounding the Neverwinter MMO's Winter Festival, with fun and frosty activities in Twilight Tor!

Nestled within the rolling slopes of Starmetal Hill, the quaint mountain village of Twilight Tor is blessed with a crystal-clear view of the heavens each night. These clear nights draw in all manner of astrologers, diviners, and stargazers. The village has gained a reputation as one of the best places to appreciate the stars, which makes it the perfect place for a Simril celebration! In keeping with the tradition that Simril be a time of joy and camaraderie, the mayor of Twilight Tor has invited the citizens of Neverwinter to join him for a three week celebration!

During Neverwinter’s Winter Festival, adventurers will be able to partake in many fun and frosty activities in Twilight Tor. Feel the icy wind rush through your hair as you race around Lake Glorfindar in the famous Twilight Run slalom race! Lake Glorfindar is also famous for its ice fishing, so you mustn’t pass up this chance. Collect rare bait and find higher-quality rods to cement your place as an ace angler.

Twilight Tor’s reputation for stargazing also comes from its famous observatory. Players will be able to gaze at the starry winter sky and glimpse the various constellations that make their homes above Faerûn. Some lucky stargazers may even receive a blessing from the heavenly bodies themselves.

Want something with a little more kick to it? Twilight Tor has a bit of troll problem and they need some help managing it. Ice Trolls, Frost Goblins, and Rimefire Golems have been making trouble on the outskirts of town. Rather than worry about such things, the citizens of Twilight Tor have decided to turn dealing with these intruders into a game: the Monsters on Ice event tasks adventurers with defeating as many of the marauding monsters as they can in a certain amount of time; the twist is that players have to fight these monsters while sliding around on the slippery ice.

The Winter Festival has come to Neverwinter, so grab your warmest cloak and come join the revelry in Twilight Tor!

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