Let the battle begin!

With the recent release of Volo’s Guide to Monsters, we thought it an opportune time for our next Creature Competition! This year, we’re asking for your help choosing the last monsters standing to battle head-to-head in a livestream event.

Here's how it works. Starting today, March 23, you’ll vote on which creature from each pair you choose to advance (whether based on combat prowess or sheer popularity, essentially you’re choosing your favorite creatures to move on). From 16, this will narrow the field down to 8.

The next round of voting takes place next week, March 27-29. From 8, this will narrow the field down to 4.

After these two rounds of voting, we’ll be down to our chosen 4 creatures. Members of the D&D Team will then assume control of one of these creatures; during a future livestream event, they’ll battle with CR-balanced versions of these creatures in D&D combat. Last monster standing, wins—and reign as brand champion, earning all due honors and accolades.