Our last survey asked you to name which spells were proving problematic in your campaigns. We collected the responses as write-in text, rather than a checklist, so it will take some time to organize the results. We hope to have those results for you next month.

We also asked about the new options presented in the Waterborne Adventures installment of Unearthed Arcana. Overall, that material scored very well—on a par with material from the Player’s Handbook. Areas where players experienced trouble were confined to specific mechanics. The minotaur race’s horns created a bit of confusion, for example, and its ability score bonuses caused some unhappiness. On a positive note, people really liked the sample bonds and how they helped bring out the minotaur’s unique culture.

The mariner, the swashbuckler, and the storm sorcerer also scored very well. A few of the specific mechanics for those options needed some attention, but overall, players and DMs liked using them.

Finally, we asked a few questions about the Dragon+ app. We really appreciate the feedback as we tailor the app’s content and chart the course for future issues. The overall feedback has been quite positive, and we’re looking at making sure we continue to build on our initial success.

The Latest Survey

This month, we’re activating a time machine and checking in to see what sort of content from prior editions you want to see adapted to fifth edition. Our latest survey has questions touching on classic settings, classes, and races. Though we can’t promise that everyone’s favorite content will be adapted,  knowing what specific content players and DMs are looking to add to their campaigns will help determine the direction of future Unearthed Arcana articles.