In our last survey, we asked you about the Dungeon Masters Guild and how it's affected your game. We wanted to check in to see how the program was doing and what interested you.

April Survey

We already knew based on traffic to the site that the Guild was off to a strong start. The survey results backed that up. The staggering majority of respondents had heard of the program and downloaded material from the site.

Of those who have downloaded material, a majority have used it in their campaigns. That was a pleasant surprise, as we had misgivings that a lack of an official seal of approval might limit adoption. I’m also happy to see that over a third of you plan to publish content through the DMs Guild.

Overall, we’re quite pleased with the launch of DMs Guild and feel that it's well ahead of where we expected it to land at this stage. We have a lot of nifty additions planned for the Guild in the future, which will grow it even further.

Gothic Heroes

Turning to the Gothic Heroes installment of Unearthed Arcana, the results showed that the revenant subrace had quite a bit of dissatisfaction. The concept seems fine, but I wonder if presenting a plot point as the basis for a race is a good idea. The concept of a revenant character might work better as a DM’s tool, rather than as a race a character might pick.

The Inquisitive rogue scored well, and aside from some specific issues to clean up, it's in a good place.

The results for the Monster Hunter suggested an interesting direction for the fighter. I feel like the Battle Master fighter is one of the sorest spots in the Player’s Handbook. It falls flat in conveying flavor. The Monster Hunter and similar fighter archetypes try to address this issue by granting specific uses for superiority dice. However, the final design is coming across as a more narrow take on the Battle Master. I think we’ll take a second pass to make the build options feel more distinct and flexible.

June Survey

This month’s survey asks about the new feats we released in early June through Unearthed Arcana. You can read that article here before taking the survey. Clicking away from the survey to read the article might leave you unable to complete it, so make sure to keep the article open in a separate tab.

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