Dungeon Masters put a lot of time and thought into their campaigns. They're smart, creative, and have a lot of power over your characters’ life. Let's face it, they're pretty awesome. Why not show your appreciation for them by being the best player you can be?

A group of DMs provided suggestions that will help bring you into "favorite player" status in the DM's eyes. These tips will help you, the DM, and the other players all have a better time during your campaign!

Stay Engaged

"Honor the time and commitment that everyone has put into the game." -Lauren Bond

Show up for your session on time and ready to go—character sheets rolled, pencils sharpened, and dice out. When the adventure begins, make sure you're entirely focused: pay close attention during other players' turns, stay off your phone when possible, and stay in character. It ruins the momentum of the story when the DM has to re-tell what just happened after each person's turn. Encourage quiet, shy, or distracted players to stay engaged as well. Make sure you include them in discussions happening both in and out of character. 

Host the Session

"A good DM is putting in hours of work for each session: the least a player can do is provide the snacks and drinks" -Phil Brady

Offer to host the session at your place and invite players. DMs have to put a lot of time in to prep the campaign, taking hosting duties off their plate will be a huge help! Are you not able to host? Offer to bring snacks or beverages, or lend extra dice or minis to those who may not have them. 

Communicate with the DM

"Tell the DM if you're enjoying the game and what you think might be done to improve it; any DM worth their salt wants this feedback." -Thomas Heasley

They'll respect your honesty and willingness to create a better game (and help them become a better DM). If it's your first time playing with a particular DM, take some time to let them know what type of player you are. Do you have experience with the ruleset you'll be using? Do you prefer catching up on town gossip with the NPCs, or bashing skulls of everything that moves? This feedback will help them create a campaign everyone loves!

Work Together

"DnD is like rowing a boat, when everyone works together the story can fly with little effort. When even one person isn't rowing at the same rate and rhythm, it's hard work for everyone and the story just drags." -Peter Smith

You and the DM are on the same side. Sure, they may roll against your character at times, but ultimately you're both there to create a fun story together. Work together with them and the other players and try to keep the rule/semantics arguments to a minimum (unless it means life or death for your character!). 

Say Yes!

"When someone suggests something ridiculous but fun, just say yes." -Emily Jarrett

The adventure will be quicker, more cohesive, and more fun if you agree to accept the story offers you're given from the other players and the DM. Be willing to take the adventure hook, allow your character to make mistakes, and go along with other players' crazy ideas. Your character may not succeed (or, ahem, survive), but you'll have one heck of a story to tell! 

DMs: What tips do you have for your players? Let us know on the Dungeons & Dragons Facebook page!

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