Celebrate Halloween with our giant-themed Halloween card!

From Volo’s Guide to Monsters: Hill giants sometimes amuse themselves with inane games that typically involve food or eating. One such game is called stuff-stuff, in which hill giants see how many halflings, gnomes, or goblins they can fit into their mouths at once without swallowing.

Or, for this season—candy.

Check out what our graphic designers and art directors have conspired to bring you, just in time for the most monstrous day of the year! We’ve also included our demon lord-themed cards, for even further options!

As an added bonus, we wanted to share the following preview—an early look at Dragon+’s October cover (releasing soon). Yes, that’s a real carved pumpkin, also involved in a game of stuff-stuff. Our thanks to artist Ray Villafane—founder of Villafane Studios and creator of next issue’s cover!

Giants Halloween Card

Demon Lords Halloween Cards