The black, blue, green, red, and white dragons are selfish, evil, and feared by all. Today we consider the green.

With the Tyranny of Dragons storyline underway, what better time to consider the most feared and fearsome creatures in the game? Namely, dragons! And with the Monster Manual now on shelves, we have an official description for these iconic terrors:

True dragons are winged reptiles of ancient lineage and fearsome power. They are known and feared for their predatory cunning and greed, with the oldest dragons accounted as some of the most powerful creatures in the world. Dragons are also magical creatures whose innate power fuels their dreaded breath weapons and other preternatural abilities.

Though their goals and ideals vary tremendously, all true dragons covet wealth, hoarding mounds of coins and gathering gems, jewels, and magic items. Dragons with large hoards are loath to leave them for long, venturing out of their lairs only to patrol or feed.

While that’s the formal description, what about a rather informal look at dragons? Cartoonist Jason Thompson (creator of our D&D walkthrough maps) delivers his next comic panel—this time, looking at the most cunning and treacherous of the chromatic dragons—the Green Dragon! We hope you enjoy. (Click for the full view.)


(Dragons, for all their might and fury, have also faced their share of parody before—from the cover of Dragon Magazine #96, to our old periodic table of dragons, Jason’s latest comic is a welcome addition!)

About the Author

Jason Thompson (@mockman) is a comic artist and illustrator. His works include H.P. Lovecraft's The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath, Manga: The Complete Guide, King of RPGs (with Victor Hao), The Map of Zombies, and the webcomicThe Stiff at

Green Dragon Cartoon

Dragon Map