An early look inside WizKids Elemental Evil miniatures boosters.

Elementals are the corporeal incarnations of the elements that make up the physical universe: air, earth, fire, and water. Though little more than animated energy on their home planes, they can be called on by spellcasters and powerful beings to take shapes and perform tasks.

As described in the fifth edition Monster Manual, a water elemental is a cresting wave that rolls across the ground, becoming nearly invisible at it courses through a larger body of water. It engulfs creatures that stand against it, filling their mouths and lungs as easily as it smothers flame. From their earlier appearance in the game, water elementals could be summoned wherever a caster could find at least a thousand cubic feet of liquid—and that, while usually a large pool would suffice, it was also noted that several large kegs of ale or beer would do just as well.

With WizKids forthcoming miniatures set, you’ll be better able to summon forth elementals for your own game. And considering the Elemental Evil storyline on the horizon, it’s quite possible your adventurers will face such creatures!