An early look inside WizKids Elemental Evil miniatures boosters.

Elementals are the corporeal incarnations of the elements that make up the physical universe: air, earth, fire, and water. Though little more than animated energy on their home planes, they can be called on by spellcasters and powerful beings to take shapes and perform tasks.

From their earlier appearance in the game, earth elementals were said to “travel rather slowly, and in order to cross water they must travel through the ground and go under the bed of the body of water (possibly a long trip).” Later on, their descriptions were poetically augmented to state that while earth elementals had mouths, they rarely spoke. Instead, “their voices can be heard in the silence of deep tunnels, the rumblings of earthquakes, and the grinding of stone on stone.”

From the fifth edition Monster Manual: An earth elemental plods forward like a walking hill, club-like arms of jagged stone swinging at its sides. Its head and body consist of dirt and stone, occasionally set with chunks of metal, gems, and bright minerals. However, they still glide through rock and earth as though they were liquid; and earthbound creatures have much to fear from an earth elemental, since the elemental can pinpoint the precise location of any foe that stands on solid ground in its vicinity.

With WizKids forthcoming miniatures set, you’ll be better able to summon forth elementals for your game. And considering the Elemental Evil storyline on the horizon, it’s quite possible your adventurers will face such creatures!