An early look inside WizKids Elemental Evil miniatures boosters.

From their earlier appearance, ogres were: “found in virtually any terrain, including subterranean places. They are ugly-tempered and voracious. Ogres are also fond of treasure, and they will sometimes be found serving as mercenaries in the ranks of orc tribes or evil clerics or joining with gnolls for a profitable raid. Ogres mingle freely with trolls and some giants, and they are at times enslaved by certain demons.”

In their most recent appearance in the fifth edition Monster Manual, ogres: “eat almost anything, but they especially enjoy the taste of dwarves, halfings, and elves. When they can, they combine dinner with pleasure, chasing scurrying victims around before eating them raw. If enough of its victim remains after the ogre has gorged itself, it might make a loincloth from its quarry’s skin and a necklace from its leftover bones. This macabre crafting is the height of ogre culture.”

With WizKids forthcoming miniatures set, they’ve looked to perfectly capture the latest incarnation of the D&D ogre! With his captured skulls and axe clearly ready to collect more, he makes a fearsome addition to your game table—whether encountering the Starter Set’s ogre Gog in Wyvern Tor, or part of a random ambush on the way to the Lost Caverns of Tsojcanth, or even as a servant in the steading of Chief Nosnra!