Latest news surrounding the release of the forthcoming Neverwinter MMO module!

We are pleased to announce the release date of Neverwinter’s biggest module ever: Elemental Evil! Adventurers around the globe will be able to experience the unique expansion on Tuesday March 17, 2015!

Citizens of Neverwinter will battle against the Cults of Elemental Evil as they attempt to destroy the Sword Coast by harnessing the forces of nature. By aiding the Sword Coast factions, adventurers will be given the chance to save Neverwinter and its surrounding areas while obtaining untold treasures from their journeys! Players will also notice that the maximum level has been raised from 60 to 70, providing a new set of challenges for them to overcome. Forgotten Realms fans may notice some familiar faces, as D&D icons Minsc and his hamster, Boo, join the fight against the Cults of Elemental Evil.

Earth, fire, wind, water… No matter what your enemy’s element is, go for the eyes!

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