In our latest episode, we speak with not one, not two, but three esteemed Dungeon Masters!

It’s Dungeon Master Appreciation Month (not a nationally recognized holiday… yet)! To help celebrate, we interview a trio of Dungeon Masters about their first times running a game, advice for those looking to move behind the screen, and insights for DMs of all levels of experience!

Scott Kurtz

First up, we speak with cartoonist Scott Kurtz (otherwise known as Binwin Bronzebottom of Acquisitions Inc., for fans of our PAX East and PAX Prime Live Games). Creator of PvP and Table Titans, Scott discusses the crossover from the table to the comic panel, the inspirations behind the Mines of Madness, and his own take on the fine art of Dungeon Mastering.

Sarah Keortge/Jefferson Dunlap

Next, we chat with two members of Wizards of the Coast, both new to the podcast. Sarah Keortge works as a Master Planner, Jefferson as a Manager in Graphic Pre Press—and both operate as longstanding Dungeon Masters for gaming groups both inside the halls of WotC and beyond.

Hosts: Bart Carroll, Trevor Kidd, Shelly Mazzanoble

Podcast: DMs Appreciated! Part 1