Kate Welch jumps in as special co-host this week with Shelly and the two break down all the news and happenings going on with D&D right now. PAX East, Monster Madness, Laeral Silverhand's Explorer's Kit, and why Greg Tito exclusively wears suits while not on Dragon Talk. Later, our very own Jeremy Crawford stumbles in the door for an intoxicating edition of Sage Advice on alcoholic beverages at your table and within your games. Our special guest this week is meteorologist for The Weather Network, Scott Sutherland!

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Here’s a guide to when each segment on the podcast begins:

00:00: Intro and news with Shelly Mazzanoble and Kate Welch

13:54: Sage Advice with Jeremy Crawford

36:45: Interview with Scott Sutherland

1:40:45: Outro

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Scott Sutherland

Scott Sutherland is a meteorologist and science writer for The Weather Network. There, he shares his enthusiasm for weather, astronomy and space, using writing and storytelling skills he honed over more than 40 years of playing Dungeons & Dragons.

Scott is an avid LEGO builder, and he has designed some innovative paper & cardstock terrain pieces for the campaigns he's played in over the years (including an astral sailing ship, Baba Yaga's Hut, & some really cool vehicles and set pieces for Gamma World!). He has even worked on writing projects with the legendary Gary Gygax!

As a meteorologist, Scott's passion for weather has looped back into his gaming. Partly, this is by contemplating a Tempest Cleric or a Storm Sorcerer for some future game, but also in thinking about how to use weather as a storytelling tool in campaign and adventure planning, and how it can act as both a boon and a bane to characters during encounters.

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Shelly Mazzanoble

Shelly Mazzanoble will always play a magic-user. There. She said it. Enough pretending to want to break out of her comfort zone. She’s a magic-user. She’s also the brand lead for Avalon Hill and loves talking about that one time she played Diplomacy and SOMEONE (okay, it was Ben Petrisor) stabbed her in the back and took over her beloved Russia. If you enjoy tales of sorcery, board game upheavals, and reasons her 3 year-old is crying (HINT: She tried to make him eat a Nutella crepe), find Shelly on Twitter and Facebook.

Kate Welch

Kate Welch is a game designer on Dungeons & Dragons. She plays Rosie Beestinger on Acquisition Incorporated's The "C" Team, Wednesdays from 4-7pm Pacific on twitch.tv/pennyarcade, and streams D&D video games on Welch's Game Juice, Thursday from 3-5pm Pacific on twitch.tv/dnd.