Greg and Shelly kick things off this week with D&D news. Later in Lore You Should Know, we are once again joined by senior D&D game designer Wes Schneider for another edition of Lore You Should Know. This week in Wes’ series on the Domains of Dread, he gives us a deep dive on Dementlieu. Our interview this week is artist, painter, Youtuber, the Crafting Muse herself, Vee Mus’e

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Here’s a guide to when each segment on the podcast begins:

00:00: D&D news with Greg Tito and Shelly Mazzanoble

07:42: Lore You Should Know

24:02: Interview

1:21:35: Outro

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Podcast Guests

Jamie flecknoe

Vee Mus'e A long time painter and artist, Vee Mus'e found herself in the world of D&D over the past few years. What started out as a hobby creating tabletop terrain and painting miniatures, translated into a YouTube channel. The Crafting Muse soon became a resource for people of all levels to learn how to enhance their minis and terrain through easy to follow tutorials. As this happened, Vee also started appearing on live streams playing various PCs and even as a DM for long term campaigns like "The Last Heir" and shorter one shots like her "BB's Place." Now, you can find Vee appearing on various channels as player, DM, and mini painter for all things D&D and TTRPG, both for WizKids and as The Crafting Muse.

Your Podcast Hosts

Greg Tito

Greg Tito has had weird and long career as an Off Broadway stage manager, a playwright, a theater carpenter, a secretary, an RPG designer, a games journalist, and now a PR/Marketing person. He has loved Dungeons & Dragons ever since 1985 when he found an old copy of the AD&D Dungeon Master’s Guide on his brother’s bookshelf and he honed that love of fantasy storytelling in the dark streets of Sasserine by way of the Upper West Side gaming group he joined in 2004. He moved his family (wife + two young kids) to Seattle in 2015 to work on D&D and he’s never looked back.

Shelly Mazzanoble

Shelly Mazzanoble will always play a magic-user. There. She said it. Enough pretending to want to break out of her comfort zone. She’s a magic-user. She’s also the brand lead for Avalon Hill and loves talking about that one time she played Diplomacy and SOMEONE (okay, it was Ben Petrisor) stabbed her in the back and took over her beloved Russia. If you enjoy tales of sorcery, board game upheavals, and reasons her 3 year-old is crying (HINT: She tried to make him eat a Nutella crepe), find Shelly on Twitter and Facebook.