In celebration of Dungeon Masters Appreciation Month, we look in at a support group that may find some true help and insight within its pages.

Dungeons & Dragons players have each other, but who do Dungeon Masters turn to when they need a little support? Cue, the Dungeon Masters Support Group where DMs find the innovation, inspiration, and flexibility they need to get their games back under control.

In the third episode, the Dungeon Master Support Group is determined to show Mercy the tools she needs to run an amazing campaign between Krav Maga and IPOs are literally at her fingertips. Also, Hector explores roleplaying without snakes.



DM Support Group: Episode 3

In the second episode, Hector faces a relapse when his fellow DMs realize his snake phase sounds strikingly similar to his crocodile phase. Meanwhile, Rick finds a spark of confidence in the new Dungeon Masters Guide.



DM Support Group: Episode 2

In this first episode, faster than you can say, “Holy Space Stations!” the Dungeon Masters support group helps Rick explore attunements, betting on owl bear fights, and spreading your prowess all over town.



DM Support Group: Episode 1

The Dungeon Masters Guide: it comes from in here.