We know you got ‘em. Time to share!

Sure, we all want to believe we didn't totally bite it falling off that cliff because we’re athletic powerhouses, or that ship captain was compelled to toss his passengers overboard in favor of taking you and your party to your final destination because you’re so darn cute and charming. More likely it was the result of a successful die roll.

The dice in D&D carry a lot of power. Your fate is (literally and figuratively) in your own hands. Because of that, we know you’re not above encouraging fate to lean a little in your favor. Do you blow on your dice before rolling? Maybe only roll them to the left of your Player’s Handbook? Perhaps you roll all of your d20’s upon first sitting down and discard any that roll below a 12?

Whatever you do, we want to hear about your dice rolling rituals.

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Rituals Heard Around the Office

We asked some D&D players around the office if they have any dice rolling rituals. Here’s a few from those willing to cop to it:

Test your dice! Roll each of my d20’s (because seriously, who only carries one?) to see which one is rolling well. But never stop rolling one if it hits a 20. The next one probably won’t be another 20. – Emi Tanji

I never trust random sets of dice, or borrowed dice. They always betray me. I have a dice bag full of trusted sets that won't fail me. If a d20 ever rolls two 1s in a row, it needs to be set off to pasture. Pasture is normally across the room. – Chris Dupuis

I keep my dice in a bag made by one of my favorite artists, Beth Trott. Even if I have only one of everything else, I have at least three d20 in case one of them is cold. Then I can switch it up. I never use dice that I think are ugly. – Kate Irwin

I don't have a ritual “pre-roll” but I will punish them if they roll poorly by putting them in time out back in my dice bag. – Hilary Ross

If one of my d20s is rolling particularly poor during a game session I will take it out of the rotation, basically bench it on the sideline for the rest of the game. Then when I get home I’ll take all of my d20s and line them up in front of the microwave then take the “bad” d20 and put it in the microwave and slowly and deliberately hit the buttons. I hit start and it is the longest 5 seconds in any d20s life. It isn’t long enough to hurt the die but it does send a message to the rest of them. – Anonymous