In our latest episode, we speak with two esteemed guests: Geeky Hostess and Dungeon Bastard!

It’s the holidays, and so what better time to ask about gaming gifts, given around the table or within the game itself (hint: Dungeon Bastard prefers axes).

Geeky Hostess

In our first segment, Geeky Hostess (Tara Theoharis) blogs about “incorporating your geeky passions into your everyday life through parties, gift ideas, home decor, recipes, etiquette, fashion, and more.” Hosts Bart Carroll and Shelly Mazzanoble inquiry about gifts for the gamer in your life as well as advice on hosting events.

More advice, ideas and recipes can be found at (including edible fireballs and surprise gift balls).

Dungeon Bastard

In our next segment, Bart Carroll and Trevor Kidd dare to interview Bill Cavalier, aka Dungeon Bastard. As his bio so boldly claims, men like Bill Cavalier are not born. “They are formed by the ghastly energies unleashed when an unwitting teenage boy reads the entire first edition Deities & Demigods out loud backwards on a dare by his cajoling, caffeine-addled friends in the midst of a hot summer night in 1981.”

More of Bill’s adventure coaching takes place at

Podcast: D&D for the Holidays