Author David Ewalt discusses his book, Of Dice and Men, now in paperback. Then, Mat Smith covers the stunning models he created for the PAX Prime D&D Live Games.

David Ewalt

In our first segment, Shelly Mazzanoble and Bart Carroll speak with David Ewalt, author, blogger—and of course, gamer. David’s book, Of Dice and Men, has recently released in paperback, covering the rise of Dungeons & Dragons including through the launch of fifth edition.

Mat Smith

From there, Shelly and Trevor Kidd sit down with Mat Smith—who created the stunning models gracing the table of this year’s PAX Prime D&D Live Game (as well as from past years!). For those of you who haven’t yet seen the game, archival footage is now available, as well as photos of Mat’s model.


In addition to the archival footage of the event (posted below), we are also thrilled to showcase the following photos from the event—detailing the playset model, behind-the-scenes preparation, and backstage with Acquisitions Incorporated!


We thank you for watching the 2014 D&D Live Game at PAX! You can also watch archival footage of the event on the PAX Twitch channelWarning: This livestream contains strong language.



PAX 2014 Live Game

Podcast: Author and the Modelmaker