Casting spells in the Underdark is no easy feat...

The Underdark is a labyrinth of mystery, madness, and macabre creatures. Few dare enter and even fewer return.

This fall, adventurers are being called upon to descend into this subterranean world and help thwart an insanity so powerful, so pervasive, that it will shake the Forgotten Realms to its very core.

Preparation is key as the Underdark isn’t exactly tourist friendly. You don’t want to find yourself down to single digit hit points, only to discover that your spellcaster can’t cast chain lightning because they’re short three silver pins. 

What if you could help by creating alternate material spell components easily found in the Underdark? What if we said you can? That’s right— we’re asking you to create an alternate material spell component for an item not readily available in the Underdark with one that would be. For instance, oak bark might not be easy to hunt down in the Underdark, but petrified mushroom shavings sure are. Don’t have a handful of thorns? How about a spool of spider silk instead? Teleport yourself to an underground mini-mart and tell us what alternate Underdark material spell components you find. Please provide the spell name, its current material component, and the alternative material component found in the Underdark.

Your submission may appear in a future issue of Dragon+ or on a D&D social media site.