We talk with veteran game designer Rich Baker about Princes of the Apocalypse. And then a visit with Adventure Time’s Pendleton Ward!

Called by the Elder Elemental Eye to serve, four corrupt prophets have risen from the depths of anonymity to claim mighty weapons with direct links to the power of the elemental princes. Each of these prophets has assembled a cadre of cultists and creatures to serve them in the construction of four elemental temples of lethal design.

In this episode, we explore the Princes of the Apocalypse with game designer and author Rich Baker. As a designer at Sasquatch Game Studio, you can also follow Rich at Atomic Dragon Battleship.

And then, it’s Adventure Time with none other than Pendleton Ward! In case you’ve never caught the show (then shame on you!), you can watch clips and full episodes on the Cartoon Network.

Hosts: Bart Carroll, Shelly Mazzanoble, Trevor Kidd

Adventure Time: Elemental Evil Podcast