In our last survey, we asked you to rate material from two of the prior Unearthed Arcana articles. Here’s a quick summary of our findings.

Rune magic and our inaugural prestige class, the rune scribe, met with mostly positive results. We have some room to improve the runic magic items and how they interact with the prestige class. However, the really interesting piece comes down to the overall reaction to prestige classes.

We’re definitely seeing mixed responses to the concept. Of those of you who played third edition D&D, nearly 90% of you used prestige classes. However, overall support for them fell short of those marks. Just short of 60% of players want to use them in fifth edition. It’s interesting to see that while prestige classes saw a lot of use, many players didn’t particularly like the concept. It’s definitely something for us to consider as we examine the concept for fifth edition.

We also asked for feedback on a variety of Underdark-themed subclasses we released as part of UA. Everything from that article was highly rated, especially the shadow sorcerous origin. The roleplay elements added to that option and the Undying Light patron were especially welcome features. Aside from some tweaks to specific elements of class features, it looks like they are fairly balanced, clear options for the game.

The new choices for the Fighting Style class feature, though as highly rated as the other options, tended to have a bit more negative reaction at the cost of people who were neutral to them. These options look like they need a balance pass against existing Fighting Style choices.

As for this month’s survey, it dives into the class options released in January in the Kits of Old article. It also asks for some basic information about who you are so we can better understand who’s answering these surveys. Thanks for taking the time to answer our queries!

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