The Gentlemen Adventurers

The Gentlemen Adventurers is a non profit (503c) theatrical troupe specializing in first person historical interpretation of various army and naval officers of the English Elizabethan period. We bring not only interaction on the streets but conduct swordplay exhibitions at The Original Renaissance Pleasure Faire in Southern California each spring.

Created in 2001and led by Steven Leon, The Gentlemen Adventurers specialize in swordplay demonstrations of the Elizabethan time period.

Through The Bankeside Schoole of Defense (our stage combat academy), The Gentlemen Adventurers provide demonstrations in fighting using the various personal weapons used in the Elizabethan period and we focus primarily on "A tiempo" combat (an exercise meaning 'in time'). As most of our fights are unchoregraphed, we use this exercise to ensure safe yet engaging fights.

Creative Combat Fight Performance Team

Steven Huff as Michael Kincaide. Steven Huff is a Fight Choreographer, Stunt Performer and Actor and is the founder of Creative Combat—a professional Los Angeles based organization that specializes in fight training and performance for film and live events. Steve is a lifetime practitioner and researcher of various forms of martial arts and began his training as child in Eastern martial styles. With a love of weapons and history, Steve has spent the majority of his life researching and practicing fighting systems of both Eastern and Western cultures, covering both empty hand and weapons arts. He has traveled internationally training, teaching and lecturing on various martial topics in addition to bringing his skill set to both sides of the camera.

Jarrell Hall as Jarrek Stormbringer. Creative Combat Fight Team Captain, Jarrell Hall is a veteran Actor, Martial Artist, Stuntman, Producer, Host, and Motion Capture Performer. He grew up in a massive geek family being groomed in nerdom by his mother, Godfather, and Grandmother from a young age. Jarrell has performed in both theatre and musical theatre since the age of 7 with a heavy focus on music until he found his passion for martial arts and stunt work.Jarrell has trained at such acclaimed theater companies a BFA in Theatre Performance from Chapman University. Jarrell founded Anime Superstar in 2004 with Robert Miles and ran a successful fashion line and livestream show from 2010 to 2012. In 2013 Jarrell and his business partners re-branded the company and changed it to Executive Geek Productions. Since the company has gone to host such trade shows like CES, VDC, Sundance Film Festival, SXSW, E3, Anime Expo, FanimeCon, SDCC, and more. When Jarrell is not building content for EXGP he is a full-time motion capture actor, stunt professional, and fight instructor at Creative Combat in Los Angeles. He credits include various titles such as Black Panther (mocap), Star Trek, How to Get Away with Murder, Crackdown 3, Remember: Remember VR, and more. Jarrell is also an accomplished fighter and martial artist. He has studied various forms including Wing Chun and Hung Gar under Raymond K. Wong, Choy Li Fut under Chester Martin and Sammo Hung , Kali under Doug Marcaida, Aikido under Sawada Toshiharu, along with various firearms and weapons he learned from training with Military and S.W.A.T. units.

Genevieve Nylen as Morgo Dae. Genevieve Nylen is a professional Fight Performer, Actress, Screenwriter and Cosplayer based out of Los Angeles. She began her performing carrer at an early age and received her BA in Theater Arts and Performance Studies at the University of San Diego in 2013. She is also Creative Advisor and Manager of B Movie Scream Queens, a production company geared towards showcasing the talents of female filmmakers in the Horror genre, and recently won awards for her work in the short film A Beautiful Place for both Best Actress and Best Writing. Also a internationally known cosplayer with a world wide fanbase, Genevieve often appears at conventions and events. She is a founding member of Creative Combat.

Ian Adema as Yarian the Shadow. Ian Adema is an Actor, Writer and Director originally from Lawrence, KS. He's worked on short films, feature films and commercials and has a deep love for all things fantasy. He's worked with the Creative Combat Fight Team on a few film projects and this will be his first live event with the group.

Robert Brown as Helon. Robert Steven Brown is a Los Angeles based Stuntman working in the film and live-action stunt industry. Robert joined the Creative Combat Fight Team after working and training with them on a film project. He is currently working live stunt shows at Universal Studios Hollywood along with his ongoing film projects. Robert has been in the stunt industry since 2015 and in that time he has doubled for Pierce Brosnan, has been beaten up by Sean Patrick Flanery and has performed utility stunts in James Cameron's new live adaptation of Alita: Battle Angel. He is also an active member of the worldwide stunt team Action Horizons.

Drew Curtis as Drenn Curlow. Drew Curtis is a TV/film and commercial Actor and Stunt Fighter who resides in Burbank. Drew spent several seasons stunt hurting for ABCs Wipeout and has done many live combat shows with the Creative Combat Fight Team, including Stan Lee's Comikaze/LA Comic Con. Drew also played the role of "Master Chief" in the live combat/comedy show The Video Games here in LA. He also wants you to know that he would write a better bio but he only has a 3 Charisma. And he rolled a 1.

Gary Ledford as Garrick Lenforr. Gary Ledford has been doing martial arts for over 25 years. For the last 8 years he has been studying Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA), and is a known tournament fighter with medals in several categories. In the world of HEMA, he is also the voice of livestreamed west coast national HEMA events, commentating on the finals at So Cal Swordfight in Combat Con in Las Vegas since 2014. With a background in theatre as well as ballet, jazz, modern, and salsa dance, when not honing his stage combat and training in eastern and western martial arts at Creative Combat, Gary puts his training and experience to use performing both fight choreography for both film and live martial arts demonstrations. Gary Has also been playing Dungeons & Dragons since 1985. He has many fond memories of both 1st edition Greyhawk and 3.5 Living Greyhawk, and will soon be kicking off his 5th edition campaign with his own children.

Tripp Pickell as Tyros. Tripp Pickell moved from, GA., to Los Angeles, CA 20 years ago. Since then, he has served as Actor & Fight Choreographer for various LA Theatre Companies, going from theatre lead to a steady Television career. Recent Television appearances include Criminal Minds, NCIS:LA, Training Day, Brooklyn Nine Nine, Scorpion, CSI:Cyber... The last few years have opened up opportunities to serve as Actor and Fight Coordinator in the Independent, Short Film and Web Series circuits as well as some Motion Capture jobs. A major benefit of the last 20 years is that it prepped and led me to meet, train and work with the talented, fun and welcoming Friends and Performers at Creative Combat. This is Tripp's first official appearance as a member of the Creative Combat Fight Team.

Linsay Rousseau as Juhani Mor-Choille. The newest member of Creative Combat, Linsay Rousseau is an Actor, Voice-over Artist and MOCAP performer. She is an Army Iraq War veteran with an extensive background in theater and improv. She also co-hosts the weekly "Executive Geek Roundtable" webcast on Twitch, Youtube and iTunes. She has trained with Larry Moss and at the Berkely Repertory School of Theater, Studio A.C.T. at the American Conservatory Theater, The Groundlings, The Second City, Impro Studio and the Waterfront Playhouse & Conservatory. She holds degrees from the University of California Berkeley's Graduate School of Jounalism and The College of William & Mary.

David Baxter

David Baxter is an old school D&D player/DM and cosplayer with an emphasis on OLD, like the original 1975 white boxed three rule books and Chain Mail. In those pre-module days we imagined as hard as we played, with paper, pencils, pizza and Ral Partha miniature figures! I reached my pinnacle of D&D nerd cred when i was on the winning AD&D team of The Ghost Tower of Inverness at Wintercon VIII. I Played through college and the first two versions of AD&D but then life intervened.

It’s been too long since I’ve rolled a D20 but now that WotC has thrust D&D back to the center of nerd culture, I can’t wait to ressurect my longtime avatar Vladagore Illwind, the sometimes flatulent level 16 Anti-Paladin and join a 5th Edition campaign.

As a 6’8” former fencing champ and Halloween enthusiast, cosplay with swords came naturally to me and I’m best known as Larger Than Life Cosplay, the guy who impersonates The Hound from Game of Thrones, Gandalf, Dumbledore, and Hagrid when my 9 year old son dons his Hogwarts robes to cosplay Harry. When I’m not cosplaying at cons I’m a mild mannered development executive for Legion M, the world’s first fan owned entertainment company.

Dallas Bloom

Dallas Bloom is middle-aged man-child and costume enthusiast best known for not having a proper head shot, over-committing to run various D&D sessions for friends, and for occasionally being mistaken on social media for a large annual flower show in Texas. He also appears as Urth Seasquall, boisterous cleric of Umberlee, in the Sh*t Goes Down podcast, hosted and Dungeon Mastered by Rachel Seeley of Girls Guts Glory.

Dallas has been playing and DMing D&D on and off for over 30 years, cosplaying for 3 years, and writing this personal bio for the last several minutes. You are implored to follow him on social media where you will, no doubt, enjoy the peace and quiet.

Joshua Catoire

Joshua Catoire has been playing D&D for 17 years since 2001! He is an IT dork from the bay. Currently on Book 8 of the Wheel of Time (only 6 more books to go!). He is completely floored to have this opportunity to work on the Stream of Many Eyes!

Michael T. Coleman

Michael T. Coleman went to school at Boston University and Oxford's Balliol College. He directed and produced the interactive stage show, Dungeon Master, for ten years, as well as the sci-fi show, Adventure! Both productions relied on stage combat routines, improvisation, and elaborate art direction. He also continues to produce the 1920s pulp adventure podcast serial, Tales of the Extraordinary, with characters voiced by many of the special guests here this weekend, which just celebrated its tenth anniversary. He's had the pleasure of working alongside many of those same cast-members on the Street Fighter series of games as Cody, amongst other projects. You can currently see Michael on your screens as that Mercury Insurance guy and roaming your nearest convention dressed as Littlefinger.

Michael's tabletop gaming experience started in the early 80s with some homebrew D&D (and the notorious blue & red modules) and continued through various systems on various continents (feel free to ask him about the run-in with Japanese cops during a session) over the decades. He still games 2 or 3 times a week and will be heading directly from the final performance on Sunday to join his 5th Edition group, already in progress. That XP ain't gonna gain itself, people.

Dustin Fletcher

Dustin Fletcher is a cosplayer who enjoys doing crazy make ups and builds, as well as doing charity work for Heroes Alliance. When not cosplaying he is a Set Costumer and Ager/Dyer for film and television focusing on the superhero and horror genres. His credits include Avengers: Infinity War, Captain America: Civil War, Constantine, Goosebumps, Goosebumps 2, Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Powers, The Walking Dead, Venom, and more.

He has been playing D&D for 20+ years. He currently DM's 2 games a week and plays in 2 games, one weekly game and one monthly. On top of D&D, Dustin LARPs and has been for just the past 15 years. Including staffing a game called Xadune, a Steampunk Horror LARP based in Georgia. He also runs a prop building company with his best friend Devan Henderson called School of Bip Props and Weaponry, where they make props and weapons for Film, TV, Cosplay and LARPing.

Adam Michael Gold

Adam Michael Gold is a film and voice actor based out of Los Angeles, who fell in love with the D&D world after seeing Matt Mercer's "D and Diesel" just two years ago. Since then he has immersed himself in the genre, working on and developing new streaming and series content for the fantasy community. Adam has lent his talents to dozens of films, national commercials, and audiobooks, and has recently expanded his horizons into the world of video games. He is a member of Gil the Vlogsmith's "Triangle Table Tavern", and you can find him playing the sassy sorcerer "Mr. Jingles" every Sunday night in Gil's newly-streaming campaign: "Welcome to Tremahia".

Dani Hartel

Dani Hartel does costume and prop design for Dungeons & Dragons and Penny Arcade. She also hosts CraftHags on the D&D Twitch channel, with other appearances including Misscliks: Risen and Dice, Camera, Action!

Emily Hills

Emily Hills was born to a family of nerds. She grew up working the ren fair circuit. Her first character she ever played was a princess who blew kisses that killed orcs at her father's D&D games! She is a makeup artist from the San Francisco Bay Area. She has been playing D&D with her friends the crit fiends for almost 4 years now! She is an actual real life fairy! Just as her niece! Emily is elated to be a part of the Stream of Many Eyes!

Christopher James

Christopher James: Christopher's parents met during the first release of D&D and raised forth 3 sons to bolster the ranks of nerds and geeks alike. As one might expect, he enjoys playing D&D and being utterly destroyed by his wife in Magic the Gathering. He works as massage therapist owning his own brick and mortar business (Resolute Body and Mind) in the San Fransisco bay area. Specializing in assistive recovery and sports therapy, he will further use Lay on Hands to cheat the system. Lawfully of course.

He feels honored to join D&D's Stream of Many Eyes and looks forward to more fun!

Linnea Jefferson

Linnea Jefferson is an actress and all around super nerd based in L.A. She has a B.A. in Theatre, with an emphasis in acting, from Southern Oregon University. Although she is new to D&D, she is excited to jump straight into the (Water)deep end with the SoME. Hailing from a tiny mountain town at the top of California, Linnea is equally at home as far out in nature as she can get as she is curled up on her couch, aggressively binge watching way too much tv. When she isn't eating her weight in pasta, she can be found on Youtube with the occasional travel or adventure vlog, Instagram, and Twitter.

Eiraina Ladell

Eiraina Ladell currently attends Southern New Hampshire University’s pursuing accounting; but to escape the confines of the cubicle, she ventures into the world of cosplay and tabletop roleplaying. Enjoying steampunk and medieval aesthetics, as well as pop-culture icons Eiraina has never missed an opportunity to build costumes and gear-up. Since 2010, she has been known to portray characters such as the mother of dragons, Wonder Woman, Rey, Psylocke, a star fleet officer, and the steampunk bride of Frankenstein, to name a few. However, this cosplayer is most widely known as “Steamy Leia”, a re-imagined steampunk tribute to the beloved galactic princess. Since debuting Steamy Leia in 2015, she has been featured in magazines (ie: Star Wars Insider, Cosplayers Among Us, and The Hourglass), has hosted many panels on cost-effective cosplay/charity cosplay, and was awarded the Costume Designer’s Guild 892 Award for Best Hall costume of SDCC 2015.

Cosplay has lead to her involvement in the documentary “Steam Dream”, a role in the independent comedy-horror “Bloodsucka Jones Vs. the Creeping Death”, appearance in Songhammer music videos, a cameo on Little Women LA, as well as a yearly spot on news coverage for San Diego Comic Con International. But most importantly, cosplay has provided an avenue to connect with friends and professionals in the community and opportunity to work with local charities in Los Angeles and San Diego.

Eiraina has been a tabletop gamer for 8 years, starting with version 3.5 Dungeons & Dragons, has transitioned through 4th edition, Pathfinder, and now enjoys 5th edition! Though she’s played many characters through the years with various parties, there’s one thing she’s sure of: a roguish fighter with neutral evil tendencies is her strong suit! For the past 2+ years she has played monthly with her adventuring party of 14, known as the “Party of the Silent I” as a player (Kudos to the very skilled and patient DM). She also plans to enter the role of Dungeon Master in 2 new campaigns this year.

Liisa Lee

Liisa Lee is a professional voice over actor, and a member of Women in Animation. She can be heard in commercials, films, video games and other various vo shenanigans.

Liisa’s career includes professional ballet, and musical theater, spanning broadway national tours, theater, television, and film. Her credits also include vocals in two rock bands, dance captain for film choreography, live stunt combat, longbow archery, jousting games, and doing her own equestrian stunts for film.

Also an avid gamer, She's been a guest (dying epically) on Dice Camera Action! She's a cast member of How We Roll podcast, playing a Druid in Curse of Strahd, and a Sharp Shooting Socialite in Pulp Cthulhu: Two Headed Serpent, and Maeryll, a detective in Nerdsmith's Threads in the Vayl, dnd audio drama. Look for which Twitch games, Liisa will be (rolling poorly) appearing on, next.

Lauren Matesic

Lauren Matesic is an award-winning designer from the internationally renowned Castle Corsetry, Lauren has designed and built hundreds of corsets as well as multitudes of custom costume orders specializing in impeccable cosplay recreations. As a geeky girl herself, Lauren's enthusiasm makes her work truly exceptional. She's so excited to work with Wizards of the Coast to bring the Forgotten Realms to life.

DW McCann

DW McCann is an Actor/ Singer/ Writer/ Director of Voice/ Stage/ & Screen He has been performing in some capacity since he was a small boy, but has only made the move to entertain for a living in the past 4 years. Using his time studying Shakespeare in college & since, he has written/directed several shows that help make Shakespeare more accessible to audiences unfamiliar with the original shows, in hopes to get them to become as big of fans of the bard as he has been for as long as he can remember. He was the body double for "Volstaag" in the 2011 Thor movie, and is working on a few pilots and teasers like Cozmo's and The Assassin's Apprentice. And you can hear his voice in video games like "Bob Ross Sylvanus" in SMITE as well as in English dubs of Japanese animation like Hunter x Hunter, Sword Art Online: Ordinal Scale, and Jojo's Bizarre Adventure. And he is happy to visit friends on the Geek & Sundry podcast Gather Your Party from time to time, to sing or perform Shakespeare.

He has been a RPG player even longer as first played decades ago with the D&D "red box" starter set rules. When he encountered 2nd Edition, he really got into it and started collecting his own books (which he still has). His love of gaming in general all traces back to his roots in D&D. He currently reviews and demos for several game companies and even offers tips for some card and board games on his Instagram. He is currently a regular host on the Back in the Deck podcast Table Talk, where they will often discuss gaming. He has also been a guest on an Acutal Play session on Happy Jacks RPG podcast and is always looking to play MORE.

This weekend, he will be playing Will Fortuna, the town bard and myth-weaver.

Gil Ramirez

Gil Ramirez is a blacksmith well known for his works in forging dice of all shapes and sizes. The phrase “Don’t F**k Me Gil” has been uttered at many a tablea—a phrase coined by Critical Role’s Marisha Ray as she attempts to make saving throws and hope to survive another day.

Gil has been a blacksmith for 17 years and hopes to one day have his own space to teach out of. His current apprentice, Rachel Seeley of Girls Guts Glory, will be hanging with him during the stream when she is not gaming.

Gil runs his own live streamed game on Sunday nights at at 5:30pm PT. He has been playing and DMing Dungeons & Dragons off and on for 20 plus years.

Ruty Rutenberg

Ruty Rutenberg is a former U.S. Army OIF/OEF combat medic turned actor, author, voice-over artist, and award-winning Dungeon Master and showrunner. The films and TV series he has worked on include Argo, Fury, Baby Daddy, The Finest Hours, The Magnificent Seven, and Grow House starring Snoop Dogg and directed by DJ Pooh. His writing earned Ruty his way into, and graduation from, programs like the Writers Guild of America’s Veterans Writer Project and the Los Angeles County Museum of Art’s filmmakers program. His career continues to soar with multiple scripts optioned and more work, both in front of the camera and behind it, coming down the pipeline. In his free time, Ruty helps to mentor other veterans new to Hollywood while staying connected with the American Legion (Post 43) and several nonprofit organizations, like CelebrityChariD20 with Satine Phoenix.

Most recently, Ruty was the Lead Designer on the platinum selling Xanathar’s Lost Notes to Everything Else, the D&D Guild Adept’s follow-up to Xanathar’s Guide to Everything. You can find XLN, along with his platinum selling Adventure League Season 7 module A Day at the Races and other Guild Adept products on D&D’s

Catch Ruty and Maze Arcana in the Dungeons & Dragons worlds of Eberron and Faerun every Tuesday (6-9pm PT), Wednesday (6-9pm PT) and Sunday (12-3pm PT) on & Don't forget to Follow and Subscribe on Twitch or sign up at for the latest news, custom emotes, and sneak peeks! Learn more at

Sarah Schmidt

Sarah Schmidt is a lifelong nerd from the SF Bay area. A jack of all trades; at the age of 6 she could not decide if she wanted to grow up to be a warlord, a farmer, or an actual lion, so she has settled on not growing up at all until a decision has been made. She met her husband Chris playing Magic: the Gathering and beat him so badly and for so long that he was left with no recourse but to marry her. Together they spend all of their spare time playing video games, card games, RPG's and miniature games. She is an active D&D player with her group the Crit Fiends where she is best known for rolling an unconscionable number of nat20's and doing unspeakably awful things for lawful good reasons. She can also be found as an occasional guest on Girls Guts Glory as Todd the Frat Bro Warlock.

Vivid Vivka

Vivid Vivka is a one-woman virtuoso of all things geeky. She is an accomplished and seasoned cosplayer, specializing in armor and detailed builds. She's a video-game fanatic, Magic: the Gathering obsessed & has a long list of Waifus. She has been seen on Celebrity Apprentice, been in music videos and CD covers for Steel Panther, been written about in Maxim, been featured in and on the cover of multiple Cosplay Culture Magazines, and has been interviewed about Cosplay is not Consent and Body Positivity by Vice Magazine. Her collection of sparkly dice is to be envied but doesn't have the best luck with rolls.


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