Adventure They Wrote is an Actual-Play D&D 5e Podcast, usually set within the city of Waterdeep, following the noir-themed adventures of the Waterdeep Detective Agency... However, we're stepping away from the City of Splendors & heading to the Frozen North beyond the Spine of the World, as we investigate a new murder in Icewind Dale...

After the corpse of an officer in the Good Mead militia is found frozen in a forest cave, his best friend embarks on a journey to find out what happened.  Joined along the way by a few fellow adventurous investigators, they head out along the Eastway to discover "The Fate of Devden Varel."

About the Cast

Jason M Burrows (DM)

Jason is a local Seattle radio producer with a penchant for podcasting! He's been playing D&D since the Pastor's kid introduced him to "Satan's Game" back in 5th Grade, and has been podcasting off & on since 2009.

Brad Berthiaume

Brad started playing Dungeons and Dragons when he was 14 with AD&D. He has been an avid player his whole life and designs homebrew content in his spare time.

Bianca Bickford

Bianca is a Hispanic geek living deep in the Heart of Texas. She writes and edits D&D 5E adventures and contributes to best-selling Adventurers League modules. Bianca is an experienced Dungeon Master for all levels of play, and runs one-shot adventures for girls ages 9 to 12 to introduce them to the imaginative world of Dungeons & Dragons.

Sam Heckman

Sam started adventuring at a young age, watching Tiamat on the Dungeons & Dragons cartoon and playing with awesome 80’s toys like the Fortress of Fangs. His hobbies include exploring castles and recreating the house from Betrayal at House on the Hill in real life.

Fletch Helle

Fletch has been mastering dungeons since he first picked up an AD&D book almost 20 years ago, mainly because everyone else wanted to play. Since then he's honed his story-telling craft, becoming almost okay at it.

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