Event Details:

Feb 27-Mar 1, 2020

Boston Convention and Exhibition Center (BCEC)
415 Summer St.
Boston, MA 02210
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D&D Play:
Dates and times vary for D&D Adventurers League game sessions. Be sure to check the PAX East schedule for exact details.

Please note that there is no registration for D&D sessions. Simply line up at the RPG Zone in the Tabletop Hall prior to the session start time. Adventurers League information can be found here.

Liveplay Games:

D&D Presents: T.O.R.C.H. - Live!

Sat, February 29th: 3:00-4:30PM ET (12:00-1:30PM PT)
Main Theatre

Led by renowned Dungeon Master (and D&D Lead Story Designer) Chris Perkins, Dungeons & Dragons presents the premiere of a new livestreamed roleplaying group, (aptly) named D&D Presents! Meet the members of T.O.R.C.H., an unlikely band of heroes with a penchant for the comical as well as the emotional, and cheer them on as they set off from Neverwinter on their very first adventure.

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Acquisitions Incorporated LIVE!

Sat, February 29th: 8:00-11:00PM ET (5:00-8:00PM PT)
Main Theatre

The last couple of years have been a trial for Acquisitions, Inc., especially for wizards in purple named James. This in mind, what a blessing to us all that Mike Krahulik, the Original Jim Darkmagic, should be our Master of Dungeons for this Very Special Episode. Last time this happened, the Wizard was Unknown: this time, the game itself is a mystery.

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Acquisitions Inc.: The "C" Team

Sun, March 1st: 1:00-3:00PM ET (10:00-12:00AM PT)
Main Theatre

What yet can be revealed about this particular episode of The "C" Team? If you were looking for clues as to plot, players, or ploys in this description, no such luck. This adventure has secrets so deep even the Shadow Council has yet to uncover them. Perhaps they may find our labors…not-so-pleasing once these secrets are unveiled.

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D&D Presents: Q&A

Thu, February 27th: 2:00-3:00PM ET (11:00 AM-12:00PM PT)
Albatross Theatre

Wizards of the Coast is proud to showcase a new livestreamed roleplaying group—D&D Presents: T.O.R.C.H.—live on the PAX main stage this weekend! Get an exciting peek behind the scenes with the cast at this panel. Learn about the characters, ask your most burning (or at least somewhat thoughtful) questions, and offer your own best T.O.R.C.H. anagram to the crew.

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World-First Reveal: Baldur's Gate 3 Gameplay

Thu, February 27th: 3:00-4:30PM ET (12:00-1:30PM PT)
Albatross Theatre

For the first time in 20 years, join us as we return to the world of Baldur’s Gate in the world first premiere of Baldur's Gate 3, taking a deep dive into the gameplay mechanics and many of the twists and turns sure to excite all fans of RPGs. Swen Vincke (Creative Director) is joined on stage by Jesse Cox, as we reveal what we’ve been working on with a team of over 300 people. Larian is back, bigger than ever.

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