About Dragon Friends

Dragon Friends is a show where a bunch of idiot Australian comedians muddle their way through a Dungeons & Dragons campaign. They’ve been doing it for almost two years now and you think they'd be better at it. Featuring David Harmon, Ben Jenkins, Edan Lacey, Simon Greiner, Alex Lee, Michael Hing and an assortment of our friends from comedy and sometimes even the telly. Accompanied with the live music and occasional snide comment by Benny Davis (The Axis of Awesome).

David Harmon

David is a writer, director, performer, game designer and the hapless DM of Dragon Friends. He's created theatre and live events of all sizes up to and including 1000-player day-long zombie survival simulators. Currently he works as a producer for Twitch-affiliated projects in Australia and on Throwdown Esports. His garage is a mess but his computer is very fast indeed.

Ben Jenkins

Ben Jenkins is a writer, comedian and TV presenter. He spends a lot of time on Twitter and once annoyed Richard Dawkins. He provides all the many NPC voices on Dragon Friends, provided the voice that you want is mostly Snagglepuss.

Michael Hing

Michael Hing is a comedian whose work has appeared on ABC2 and triple j. He has performed sold out stand up shows at the Sydney Comedy Festival, Melbourne International Comedy Festival, and Brisbane Comedy Festival, as well as two disappointing seasons in Adelaide. He is a former host on the ABC's Good Game, and currently is the host of the League of Legends Oceanic Pro League. He's into some pretty deep nerd shit. He plays Freezo in Dragon Friends—a home schooled wizard with intimacy issues that is NOTHING LIKE Hing.

Alex Lee

Alex Lee is a comedian, actor, television presenter and journalist and plays the Half Orc Barbarian Philge on Dragon Friends. She is a writer/presenter on ABC TV's The Checkout. Her TV credits include The Chaser's Election Desk, Media Circus and The Roast. She has performed sketch, stand up and improv at the Sydney and Melbourne international comedy festivals. Alex used to be a member of the Federal Parliamentary Press Gallery as political reporter for BuzzFeed and was a producer and newsreader for ABC News. She insists she is a jock and will dak anyone who says otherwise.

Simon Greiner

Simon Greiner is a performer, improviser and illustrator. He is a two-time Cranston Cup and National Theatresports champion and a member of the faculty at Improv Theatre Sydney. Simon is a regular at Sydney's Giant Dwarf theatre, and has performed in numerous shows at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, as well as the Adelaide and New York Fringe Festivals. His illustration work has been featured on the front cover of The New Yorker magazine. His character Bobby Pancakes is notable in that he is largely the most sensible of the Dragon Friends. It is not a high bar.

Edan Lacey

Edan Lacey is an award winning actor, director and improviser. A graduate of the directing program at the Australian Film Television and Radio School (AFTRS), he is co-founder of Improv Theatre Sydney and teaches improvisation for the National Institute of Dramatic Art. A trained actor, he is a graduate of the New Actor’s Workshop in New York City, a school founded by legendary director Mike Nichols, George Morrison and improvisation pioneer Paul Sills, and studied clown at Ecole Phillipe Gaulier. Edan is a two-time National Theatresports champion, the creator of two original web-series, and has written, performed and directed shows at The Adelaide Fringe and Melbourne International Comedy Festivals, The Upright Citizen’s Brigade in New York City and ImprovOlympic in Chicago. Edan plays Baston, a wholly original and legally distinct character. A level 3 human fighter, he is the handsomest and also the best.

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