Taking place in Boston, PAX East hosts dedicated TRPG gaming, panels, and D&D Live Games featuring Acquisitions Inc. and many more!

Event Details:

Dates: Mar 28-31, 2019

Boston Convention and Exhibition Center (BCEC)
415 Summer St.
Boston, MA 02210
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D&D Gaming:

Thu, Mar 28: 11:00 AM EDT
D&D Adventurer’s League

The Role Initiative presents D&D Adventurers League. Introductory and Tier 1 adventures for Adventurers League-legal characters of levels 1-4 will be available every day. Pre-generated characters and other needed material, such as dice, will be available and provided to help new players jump into D&D Fifth Edition and immerse themselves in the experience.

Sessions will kick off at 11AM, 1PM, 3PM, 6PM, 8PM, and 10PM daily. There is no registration for D&D sessions. Simply line up at the RPG Zone in the Tabletop Hall prior to the next session start time.

Modules available will be:

  • CCC-TRI-30: Remnant of a Dream (Available all times)
  • CCC-TRI-32: Casks and Caskets (10AM, 3PM, & 8PM)
  • CCC-TRI-33: Matter of Life and Death (1PM, 6PM, & 10PM)
  • DDAL08-1: The Map With No Names (11AM & 6PM)
  • DDAL08-2: Beneath the City of the Dead (1PM & 8PM)
  • DDAL08-3: Dock Ward Double Cross (3PM & 10PM)

Fri, Mar 29: 11:00 AM EDT
D&D Adventurer’s League

The Role Initiative presents D&D Adventurers League. Introductory and Tier 1 adventures for Adventurers League-legal characters of levels 1-4 will be available every day. Pre-generated characters and other needed material, such as dice, will be available and provided to help new players jump into D&D Fifth Edition and immerse themselves in the experience.

Fri, Mar 29: 1:00 PM EDT
Lords of Waterdeep

Max of 16 players. Two 4-player single elimination rounds. Registration opens at 10AM on day of the event, at Tabletop HQ.

Sat, Mar 30: 11:00 AM EDT
D&D Adventurer’s League

The Role Initiative presents D&D Adventurers League. Introductory and Tier 1 adventures for Adventurers League-legal characters of levels 1-4 will be available every day. Pre-generated characters and other needed material, such as dice, will be available and provided to help new players jump into D&D Fifth Edition and immerse themselves in the experience.

Sun, Mar 31: 11:00 AM EDT
D&D Adventurer’s League

The Role Initiative presents D&D Adventurers League. Introductory and Tier 1 adventures for Adventurers League-legal characters of levels 1-4 will be available every day. Pre-generated characters and other needed material, such as dice, will be available and provided to help new players jump into D&D Fifth Edition and immerse themselves in the experience.

D&D Livestreamed Games:

Thu, Mar 28: 8:30-11:00 PM EDT
Dice, Camera Action! Live

Join the "Wafflecrew" as they present a special on-stage episode of Wizards of the Coast’s official weekly D&D show, Dice, Camera Action! Live 5th edition Dungeons & Dragons gameplay, improv, feels, and foibles are in store.

Fri, Mar 29: 8:30-11:00 PM EDT
Acquisitions Incorporated

Dragons, Dungeons & other sources of mayhem await the trusty adventurers of Acquisitions Incorporated. Battles, betrayals and over-ambitious KPIs await seasoned (and lightly marinated) heroes Omin Dran (Jerry Holkins), Jim Darkmagic (Mike Krahulik), Viari (Patrick Rothfuss), Môrgæn (Morgan Webb), and Bobby Zimeruski (WWE Superstar Xavier Woods), led by the merciful and not at all terrifying Jeremy Crawford as the Dungeon Master.

Sat, Mar 30: 2:00-4:00 PM EDT
UpUpDownDown Presents Roll Out LIVE

Come watch UpUpDownDown’s hit Dungeons & Dragons tabletop show "Roll Out" live on stage! Join us as our heroes WWE Superstars Xavier Woods, Ember Moon, Tyler Breeze and NXT Superstar Brennan Williams play Dungeons & Dragons in front of a live audience for the first time ever!

Sat, Mar 30: 9:30-11:30 PM EDT
Rivals of Waterdeep Live: Season 3 Finale!

Rivals of Waterdeep is a group from the Chicago area that combines new players of D&D with experienced roleplayers to show just how easy it is to have a good time creating a story together with your friends. They have joined forces to produce a weekly livestream that features an all POC cast to tell a story set in one of the most iconic cities in the Forgotten Realms.

Sun, Mar 31: 1:00-3:00 PM EDT
Acquisitions Incorporated: The “C” Team Live!

Do you need a hero, or more than one? Between four and five? Cut-price adventurers Rosie Beestinger (Kate Welch), Walnut Dankgrass (Amy T. Falcone), K’thriss Drow’b (Kris Straub), and Donaar Blit’zen (Ryan Hartman) are available for all your dungeon/dragon based assignments. Act now and secure the services of our Paladin Logistics Consultant Evelyn Marthain (Anna Prosser)! Hire Acquisitions Incorporated’s The "C" TeamTODAY. Cash only. Payment up front.

D&D Panels & Events:

Thu, Mar 28: 1:00-2:00 PM EDT
Take Your Vitamin D&D: Why You Should Play More RPGs

Join Adam Davis and Adam Johns, founders of Game to Grow, as they share what exactly makes RPGs such a fantastic tool for personal and community enrichment and how they’re using them to help their teen clients become more confident, creative, and socially capable. Hear more stories from the frontiers of gaming therapy, gain some insights about how you can use (and have used!) games for your own personal growth, and why it never was "just a game."

  • Panelists: Adam Davis, Adam Johns, Ethan Schoonover, Virginia Spielmann
  • Learn More

Thu, Mar 28: 2:00-3:00 PM EDT
Penny Arcade: Acquisitions Incorporated D&D Manual Announcement Extravaganza Panel Spectacular

Do you love Acquisitions Incorporated? How about the written word? How about very long panel names? We’ve united D&D luminaries Jerry Holkins, Mike Krahulik, and producer Elyssa Grant to talk about the debut of the Official D&D Acquisitions Incorporated book that will soon be unleashed upon the world in a panel moderated by the one and only Kate Welch. Treasure, flame, blood & secrets are all on the List of Possible Things to Spill.

  • Panelists: Kate Welch, Jerry Holkins, Mike Krahulik, Elyssa Grant
  • Learn More

Fri, Mar 29: 10:00-11:00 AM EDT
Am I Playing a Role: Identity Exploration in RPGs

There is growing interest in the use of RPGs as a therapeutic vehicle, but fans have said for decades that RPGs help them become the people that they are. Why do we play the characters we choose? Is it social practice, fantasy fulfillment, or something else? Join Take This and our panel of elite RPG creators, streamers, and professionals as we discuss identity exploration through player characters.

  • Panelists: Doctor B, Vee Mus’e, Aras Sivad, Eugenio Vargas, Kelli Butler, Carlos Luna
  • Learn More

Fri, Mar 29: 1:30-2:30 PM EDT
Play in your Lane: Respectfully RPGing Outside your Identity

Roleplaying can be a powerful tool for building empathy and understanding, but how can you make sure you’re playing respectfully and accurately? This panel aims to address what it means to explore identities outside of your own through roleplay, accurately & respectfully. We’ll explore the personal experiences of several experienced & notable roleplayers who have approached the subject over the years, & discuss methods you can use to ensure your own characters are accurate and respectful.

  • Panelists: Kikka Delarose, Grant Ellis, Hannah Rose, Kris Straub, Margaret Henry, Nika Harper
  • Learn More

Fri, Mar 29: 4:30-5:30 PM EDT
Historical and Visual Transgender Representation in RPGs

Humanity in all of its diversity has been depicted in various forms and modes since the advent of the hobby in 1974. This panel explores how transgender representation in roleplaying games has evolved up to today. We will examine a qualitative and quantitative analysis of trans-representation in the tabletop industry, as well as discuss inclusion and implementation of transgender narratives from both a player and GM perspective.

  • Panelists: Kikka Delarose, Shauna Nakasone, Grant Ellis, prinxeMu, Poisal
  • Learn More

Sun, Mar 31: 11:00 AM-12:00 PM EDT
Inner Demons: Anxiety and Depression in Gamers

Anxiety and depression are inner demons you can’t always vanquish, but you can learn to keep them at bay. You’re not alone in this fight! Tabletop game designers Brian Liberge, Tanya DePass and other members of the gaming community share their mental health stories and strategies to beat them back.

  • Panelists: Brian Liberge, Tanya DePass, Natalya Waye
  • Learn More

Sun, Mar 31: 3:00-4:00 PM EDT
Laxinx in Gaming: You Belong Here

What does it mean to be Latinx? Do I have a right to join the group, or the panel? I don’t speak Spanish but I want to join, can I? These questions and more are what we hope to answer as a group. Latinx in Games is hosted by the International Game Developers Association’s Latinx In Games Group. We invite all Latinx and those interested in Latinx culture to join us as we try to define for ourselves a space in the gaming scene and elevate each other through community.

  • Panelists: Silcris, Judy Jetset, chulatastic, staymighty
  • Learn More

Sun, Mar 31: 3:00-4:00 PM EDT
Tips, Tricks and Techniques for Running D&D with Students

Looking to creatively promote student growth? Using role-playing games in classrooms could be the next pedagogical step. Join Tom and Sarah, two educators turned Dungeon Masters, as they discuss the practical reasons for using RPGs to shape curriculum. They’ll provide concrete examples of student development, team building, social growth, and the exciting stories that have unfolded in classrooms using this method. See resources and learn how to start up a classroom, club or library program.

Watch on Twitch:

D&D Participants Include:

Commander Holly

Holly Conrad is an artist and storyteller who writes, streams, creates, and makes YouTube videos. On her journey here she got a degree from the University of Santa Barbara in Medieval History, and studied at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland specializing in folk magic and Medieval literature. These days she spends time rescuing pigeons, streaming, and playing Dungeons & Dragons. Holly plays Strix, a tiefling sorcerer and trash witch, on Dice, Camera, Action, the official Wizards of the Coast D&D show.

Jeremy Crawford

Jeremy Crawford is the lead rules designer of Dungeons & Dragons, in addition to being the game’s managing editor. He led design of the Player’s Handbook and co-led design of a variety of other D&D books, including the Dungeon Master’s Guide, Xanathar’s Guide to Everything, and Mordenkainen’s Tome of Foes. Before coming to Wizards of the Coast, he wrote for the games Blue Rose, Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay, and Mutants & Masterminds.

Tanya DePass

Tanya DePass is the Founder and Director of I Need Diverse Games, a not-for-profit foundation based in Chicago. She’s part of the Spawn on Me podcast, the programming coordinator for OrcaCon; and often speaks on issues of diversity, feminism, race, intersectionality & other topics at conventions. Her writing appears in Uncanny Magazine, Polygon, Vice Gaming, Mic, Waypoint, Wiscon Chronicles, Paste Games and other publications. She's been a Industry Insider at GenCon (2017), Guest of Honor at OrcaCon (2016), and is a partnered variety streamer on Twitch.

Cicero Holmes

Cicero a lifelong gamer who parlayed his love for all things tech into a 20 plus year career in Systems Administration. This Bronx-born, Long Island-raised eccentric truly marches to the beat of his own drum. A former thespian, Cicero is also credited (by him) for inventing the phrase & motion of 'popping one’s collar'. You can find Cicero every week yelling about why Chicago’s pizza is not as good as New York's.

Shareef Jackson

As the founder of the math and physics tutoring service Math Looks Good LLC, Shareef’s culturally relevant communication style helps break down science, gaming, and math in a way that the average person can understand and appreciate.

In addition to being a business owner, Shareef is an adjunct professor of video games and learning as well as a substitute math teacher. His views on science and technology have been featured on sources such as the New York Times, NPR, Scientific American, and MacLean's. Shareef is a co-host on the Spawn on Me podcast, which spotlights people of color in gaming. He highlights issues of gender and race on his YouTube series at Gaming Looks Good.

Chris Lindsay

Chris Lindsay began his love affair with Dungeons & Dragons as a wee lad in the early ‘80s. In 2010 Chris joined the D&D brand team and is currently the product manager for Dungeons & Dragons as well as the head of the D&D Adventurers League and the architect for the Dungeon Masters Guild, and Guild Adept program. Chris has been known to hop in front of a camera now and again, originally for ExtraLife charity events, and more currently on Maze Arcana’s Peanut Gallery, and as a Dungeon Master during the Stream of Annihilation. Chris can also be seen handing out DM advice on Geek & Sundry’s Epic Homebrews episode of GM Tips with Satine Phoenix.

Surena Marie

Surena Marie is a writer, comedian, and artist living in Chicago. She has studied and performed with The Annoyance Theater, IO Chicago and the Musical Conservatory at Second City. Currently, she is a player character on several live play podcasts including Godsfall, The Dungeon Rats and Neon Rival Presents. She also performs in Chicago with the all WOC comedy troupe Matt Damon Improv. When she's not gaming, you can find her panicking in the craft aisle of your local craft store, cosplaying or trying not to get lost in the woods with her strong desire to become the "outdoorsy type".

Chris Perkins

Chris Perkins is a 20-year veteran of Wizards of the Coast and principal story designer for Dungeons & Dragons. He has served as editor-in-chief for Dragon, Dungeon, and written numerous D&D articles and books, including most recently Curse of Strahd. He’s probably best known as Dungeon Master to Acquisitions Incorporated.


ProJared is a reviewer, comedian, gamer with an emphasis on RPGs and retro games—most people have never heard of! Jared is playing Diath Woodrow, a human rogue he's played in several previous campaigns.

Anna Prosser

Perhaps most recognizeable as a host and video games media personality, Anna Prosser works day-to-day as Programming Manager for Twitch. She's also co-founder of Misscliks, an online community dedicated to providing support and exposure for women role models in geek and gaming culture (where she also livestreams weekly D&D games). She has lots of crazy stories, from moving to Dubai on 3 days notice to work as a lifeguard consultant, to being crowned Miss Oregon USA, to managing an esports house for Team Evil Geniuses. Anna is playing Evelyn Marthain, a human paladin of Lathander.

Nathan Sharp

Nathan Sharp is a Korean-American voice actor, musician and songwriter best known for his music-oriented channel, NateWantsToBattle. Covering a wide array of songs, his music portfolio totals up to over 200 compositions and renditions that range from parodies of popular hits to English renditions of anime openings to music about video games and anime to his original album "Sandcastle Kingdoms" released in March 2017 that charted on iTunes #1 Alternative Albums and Billboard’s Heatseekers Chart. His channel has amassed over 1.2 million subscribers and 300 million unique video views.

His voice can be heard in Luck & Logic as Yoshichika Tsurugi, Attack on Titan as Marcel, Gapri in Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry, Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator as Craig Cahn, Shantae: Half Genie Hero as Bolo, Midboss's 2064: Read Only Memories as Chad, Heintz in Atelier Firis, Skip Beat! as Imai, Kieran from the original animated series Indigo Ignited, Pinstripe as George the Dog from Atmos Games, as well as Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans, One Piece, Rurouni Kenshin, Puzzle and Dragons X, Cheer Boys, Disastrous Life of Saiki K, Handa-kun and Endride.

Nate is playing Paultin Seppa, a human bard.

Brandon Stennis

Brandon Stennis is a partnered content creator on Twitch.tv for the last 4 years. He also works as the Influencer Manager of the indie publishing company Versus Evil. Brandon has gathered quite the career in the gaming industry since 2012 and has innovated himself into a self made gaming personality. He continues to try and help other creators find their place within themselves and the gaming/streaming communities.

Kate Welch

Kate Welch is a game designer on Dungeons & Dragons. She plays Rosie Beestinger on Acquisition Incorporated's The "C" Team, Wednesdays from 4-7pm Pacific on twitch.tv/pennyarcade, and streams D&D video games on Welch's Game Juice, Thursday from 3-5pm Pacific on twitch.tv/dnd.


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