First Session: 3:00 PM PST Thursday, March 26

It's time for a new Dungeons & Dragons livestream game! This series our fearless adventurers take on an elemental challenge, facing off against four corrupt prophets, hellbent on obliterating the Realms. Join Dungeon Master Chris Lindsay as he leads players Kate Irwin, Emi Tanji, Ben Petrisor, Travis Woodall and William Straley through Princes of the ApocalypseWill they Unearth the Deception? Only time will tell…

Dungeon Master

  • Chris Lindsay


  • Kate Irwin
  • Emi Tanji
  • Ben Petrisor
  • Travis Woodall
  • William Straley

Please Note: For the livestream game, please visit the D&D Twitch page directly to watch! For desktop viewers, you may also simply play the embedded stream below:




Thursday, March 26th 3:00 PM PST

Tuesday, April 7th 3:00 PM PST

Thursday, April 23rd 3:00 PM PST

Thursday, April 30th 3:00 PM PST