Ravenloft: Mist Hunters

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Our newest D&D Adventurers League storyline campaign takes place in the Domains of Dread, where you’ll traverse eerie lands as you unravel a mystery that has far-reaching consequences culminating in an epic confrontation with an implacable foe.

Ravenloft: Mist Hunters is a different experience than what you’ve come to expect from other D&D Adventurers League games. If you’ve never played D&D Adventurers League before but are excited to play horror-themed adventures, this is the storyline for you!

Ravenloft: Mist Hunters features the following:

  • Focus on story, atmosphere, and immersive interaction
  • 1st through 8th level play
  • A story-driven guided character creation experience with no rules documents to read
  • Characters native to one of many Domains of Dread
  • A sequential series of adventures, each building upon the last
  • Meaningful choices that affect future adventure play
  • Exploration of several of the Domains of Dread, including some fan favorites
  • All adventures debut at D&D Virtual Play Weekend, giving everyone a first-run play opportunity

Adventure Details

The storyline campaign is composed of fourteen adventures in total. Two of the adventures, called Epics, will feature multi-group play and interaction and serve as the bookend adventures for the storyline campaign (the first and final adventure). The Epics can also be played by a single group. The other twelve adventures are playable within 2-4 hours each by a single group.

All the adventures are connected to one another in a continuing storyline and feature a set level of play. When you play an adventure, you simply ensure your character is the level required for play – no need to track XP, milestones, or use other leveling systems.

Adventures are available on the DM’s Guild! Check out the list of upcoming adventures, updated regularly.

Upcoming Adventure List

RMH-EP-01 The Grand Masquerade
By Ma’at Crook and Amy Lynn Dzura
DM’s Guild Release: August 10, 2021
1st-level characters

RMH-01 The Final Curtain
By Greg Marks
DM’s Guild Release: August 10, 2021
3rd-level characters

RMH-02 Back to the Front
By Travis Woodall
DM’s Guild Release: September 14, 2021
3rd-level characters

Mood and Tone

Ravenloft: Mist Hunters is a horror-themed campaign, but it is being developed as a storyline campaign playable for a wide audience. Each adventure focuses on one or more subgenres of horror as a thematic anchor. All adventures will contain content warnings to help you understand what might warrant a conversation with your Dungeon Master prior to play.

Each adventure focuses on story, social interaction, and investigation with a de-emphasis on tactical combat. It is perfectly suited to theater-of-the-mind play.

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Supporting Resources and Documents

Mist Hunters

Tarokka Deck

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