D&D Beyond, an official digital toolset for the Dungeons & Dragons fifth edition rules, has now opened both Phase 2 and 3 features for beta testing.

The update introduces the character builder, interactive digital character sheet, homebrew content creation, and campaign management for players to use and share feedback that will help shape the digital game companion for launch.

"We have been overwhelmed by both the quantity and quality of feedback during the first phase of beta," said Adam Bradford, Product Lead for D&D Beyond at Curse. "We're excited to get the remaining launch features into players' hands and move forward in our quest to make game management easier to enhance the D&D experience."

Visit dndbeyond.com and register to join the beta and check out the new features now. During the beta, all basic rules content is available for use. The full launch—which will incorporate all published official Dungeons & Dragons content—will release later this summer.



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